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The Defiant Act of Putting Down Roots

As I sit here writing this, I'm on our balcony off the kitchen. The school kids are breaking for recess and kicking around a soccer ball, their shrieks coming from the middle school across the street. I have laundry pinned to the line – linens and pillowcases. The October noontime sun is strong enough to dry them quickly. The fall weather has come to Turkey but the concrete sides of our apartment building still radiate the heat of the day.

Our Story

The Gift of the Wilderness | Finding Rest

My waiting season oftentimes feels like the wilderness. Vines wrap their tight fingers around my heart. Pine needles poke relentlessly at my sides. The sticky cobwebs of my mind muddle my thoughts. I am tired, out-of-breath, and ready to give up. For me, this season has lasted 19 months. Twists and turns. Nerves unraveling. No… Continue reading The Gift of the Wilderness | Finding Rest

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Holding Joy and Sorrow in Both Hands

“So, how’s hope for you these days?” I turned my attention toward the voice, unsure of how to answer. Hope? As I readjusted my seatbelt and looked out the passenger side window, my gaze fell upon the jagged rocks, the palette of brown and spots of green that so distinctively decorate Cappadocia. Hope. My mind… Continue reading Holding Joy and Sorrow in Both Hands

Refugee Stories

Can You Help Us?: Stories of Refugees in Turkey

This is part one of a series titled "Stories of Refugees in Turkey" dedicated to sharing the stories of refugees with hopes of giving readers a look past numbers and statistics into the dreams and lives of real people. Read part two here. “He is asking you,” my translator quietly tells me as she places… Continue reading Can You Help Us?: Stories of Refugees in Turkey


Twice the Turkey Talk

I’m definitely deserving of a big curly blue 1st place ribbon for being the least dependable blogger on the planet. But, for the last three months I’ve been enjoying time at home with family in North Dakota, which, I think, is a perfectly acceptable explanation for my absence. Transitioning from living life on one side… Continue reading Twice the Turkey Talk


The Sum of My Ordinary Adventures  

But first some news…  Here’s some maybe-not-exciting-for-you-but-exciting-for-me news: As of now, my URL no longer contains that pesky “wordpress” in it! This little corner of the web is officially OneFootOnBoth Dot Com – much less of a jumble-y mouthful to pronounce. I have now taken a stride towards becoming a real, legitimate blogger. Okay, okay, I… Continue reading The Sum of My Ordinary Adventures