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When Peace Kisses Righteousness

There's something about the Advent season that's so cozy to me. Maybe it brings back memories of growing up, arguing across the dinner table over who gets to light the wreath-encircled candles and who gets to blow them out. It brings visions of coming home from school, letting the backpack fall to the ground as… Continue reading When Peace Kisses Righteousness


Why the Heck Are You in Turkey and Other Frequently Asked Questions

With a year of Turkey under my belt, I've noticed a lot of the same questions begin to crop up from time to time. Although there may be more, here are a handful that I could come up with. Enjoy! (but first some pictures...) 1. Okay, so, what exactly are you doing in Turkey? My Instagram… Continue reading Why the Heck Are You in Turkey and Other Frequently Asked Questions


Twice the Turkey Talk

I’m definitely deserving of a big curly blue 1st place ribbon for being the least dependable blogger on the planet. But, for the last three months I’ve been enjoying time at home with family in North Dakota, which, I think, is a perfectly acceptable explanation for my absence. Transitioning from living life on one side… Continue reading Twice the Turkey Talk


The Sum of My Ordinary Adventures  

But first some news…  Here’s some maybe-not-exciting-for-you-but-exciting-for-me news: As of now, my URL no longer contains that pesky “wordpress” in it! This little corner of the web is officially OneFootOnBoth Dot Com – much less of a jumble-y mouthful to pronounce. I have now taken a stride towards becoming a real, legitimate blogger. Okay, okay, I… Continue reading The Sum of My Ordinary Adventures