I came to Turkey to teach little ones and stayed for my husband. When I’m not teaching, I can be found watching Gilmore Girls, drawing scribbly words, reading for fun, and dreaming about caramel macchiatos. 

One Foot on Both was originally created to share my adventures in the Middle East––from documenting the silly things my students say to sharing photos of the amazing food, architecture, and landscape.

In 2015, when the World Refugee Crisis began making headlines, my blog turned into a place to share my thoughts on what’s happening in the world and especially in Turkey, advocating for refugees, sharing their stories, and how my faith is interwoven into each. 

In 2017, this little corner on the internet turned into a much more personal space for me to share my heart and the tough waiting season I’m in. It’s a place for me to work out all the knots in my brain and soul as my husband and I wait for America’s travel ban to be lifted and the door to open for us to move to the US. 

While I live life in the Middle East and in the Midwest, I am on a balance beam between joy and sorrow and my husband and I are in a constant waiting season of juggling the here and not-yet.